Sunday, September 20, 2009

Session 20 September 09

What a beautiful day today - next session, if the weather's like this, we're outside...

26 enthuisatic uke-ers today, with a few new faces too, lots of old faces and all happy faces!

Next session is Sunday 11 October. If it's nice, we'll be outside at the park next to Arthur Street School. Bring sunnies, sunscreen, clothes pegs (because your music is bound to fly away...), something to sit on and your afternoon tea!

The gang

She's making us play a B flat chord???

Mhairi, Hurini and Val

Lynley and Emmeline (note the missing tooth? Possibly more exciting than being at the uke session...!)

Emmeline and Lucinda (with Josie skulking in the background)

Mira, Nina and Sofia


Ruth and Roberta




Alison, Ripeka and Chris

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra in Dunners

Hey ho folks

The good people of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra are wending their way to Dunedin and are very kindly hosting a couple of workshops.

click here for details

This is a fab opportunity to meet actual members of the sensationally wonderful WIUO and learn their styley method of uke-playing.

(not the WIUO - it's our very own Sophie a.k.a. Skemp)

Pics from the Second Gig

Far out - I'm on fire!

Here's some pics from the DUC's 2nd ever gig - at the Dunedin Entertainers' Club on Tues 15 September. A very fun night. Cheers to Maggie for the photos.

August Session

Holy Mole-y

Apologies everyone - it's been a very long 2 months since I've updated this blog. Oops...

Anyway - here's the photos from August's session. We're having another one tomorrow (Sunday 20 September). Do feel free to turn up. We'll be there from 1 - 2:30pm in Room 208 of the King Edward Court. Flick me an email if you're keen (

Skemp and Schwass-age


Nina and Sofia


Nicola and Liberty

Alison and Roberta

Chris, Ripeka and Alison


Helen and Brent

Lois, Mhairi and Val

Brent and Tim