Monday, July 6, 2009

Ukulele for a Cold Winter's Day


Kia ora Otepoti Ukulele Whanau

Awesome session today. 25 strummers – most of who were newbies which is so exciting. Equally exciting is seeing all the old hands back too.

Loads of good has come out of our performance the other week - more performance opportunities, talks of a DVD (!) and possibly even a road-trip for an East Coast-West Coast Ukulele Jam with the Aspiring Ukes. Super fun.

The next session will be on Sunday 02 August from 1 – 2:30pm in Room 208 of the King Edward Court, Stuart St, Dunedin.

Email or text Justine if you’re keen to come along.

Alternatively, check us out of FaceBook – become a fan of the Dunedin Ukulele Club.

Ka kite!

Eric Clapton look out! Roberta



multi-talented Jasmin

Not quite as nice as the wedding photos...Emily and Rene

Siobhan and Kirsty

Finn, Siobhan, Kirsty


Marguerite and Isabella x2

West Coast represent! Jane, Val, Lois and Mhairi

Sofia practicing her backhand...

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